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Thread: Enabling compression

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    Enabling compression

    I have zimbra 8.0.6 installed with the wonderful Zextras Suite.

    I enabled compression on the Zimbra store(I only have one volume), will the compression happen automatically? Or will only new items be compressed?

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    Hello dslauter!

    Compression will kick in only for new items, while old items will remain uncompressed.

    If you wish to compress all items, my suggestion would be to create a new compressed volume, set it as current, and move all the data in the old one to the new volume using the following ZeXtras CLI command:

    zimbra@test:~$ zxsuite powerstore doVolumeToVolumeMove
       zxsuite powerstore doVolumeToVolumeMove {source_volume_name} {destination_volume_name} 
    NAME                          TYPE      
    source_volume_name(M)         String    
    destination_volume_name(M)    String    
    (M) == mandatory parameter, (O) == optional parameter
    Usage example:
    zxsuite powerstore doVolumeToVolumeMove sourceVolume destVolume
    Moves the whole sourceVolume to destVolume
    Have a nice day,
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