freeNAS as secondary storage for Powerstore HSM
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Thread: freeNAS as secondary storage for Powerstore HSM

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    freeNAS as secondary storage for Powerstore HSM


    We currently operate Zimbra Open Source edition (8.8) with about 6 Tb of mail dating back to 2009.

    The powers that be don't want to delete old mail so the plan is to implement ZxPowerstore with a storage rule that moves all mail older than 2 years to a secondary store.

    My current thinking is a box with 12 x 3 TB 7.2k SAS drives (RAID 10) running freeNAS for the secondary store. I would create a NFS volume and mount this in the designated path for the secondary volume.

    I was just wondering if any of you guys had done this and is there any down side that I might not be aware of. I don't expect the secondary store to be accessed more than a few times per year and really don't care if its slow as long as it works.

    Also, if we do this does anyone know how Zimbra would behave if the secondary store (NFS volume) went offline? Would the primary continue to operate or would Zimbra crash?
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