To my understanding, the Powerstore module (HSM module in Network Edition) endeavors to deduplicate emails upon their arrival, so it shouldn't be necessary to run a doDeduplicate message1 all that often.

But I'm wondering if my understanding is wrong or at best incomplete, or if I've not configured something correctly?

I have a system with ~150 mostly IMAP users who send each other a lot of email, often with attachments.

The mailstore size is about 200GB. For the past several weeks I have run a weekly doDeduplicate with the following typical results:

Network Modules NG Version: 2.8.0
commit: 94a7776a2eaffa0439354b49a427e35523835e7e

Zal Version: 2.3.0
Zal commit: 293e7870cba4f2d0eb4337b0d24247bfc0550b39
Zimbra version: 8.8.8_GA_2026 20180405163320 20180405-1649 NETWORK

Following volumes selected for deduplication: [message1]

- stats -
total duplicated blobs: 238495
linked blobs: 40604
already linked blobs: 197891
skipped blobs: 0
invalid digests: 0
bytes saved: 11.62 GB

Curious if this is all working OK, if doDeduplicate doesn't apply to IMAP transactions, or if I've missed something in the configuration setup.