HSM sessions locking up
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Thread: HSM sessions locking up

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    HSM sessions locking up

    my hsm running are locking up and not progressing, what am i looking for in mailbox.log to figure out what the issue is.

    also i cant seem to stop the move blobs operation either. after trying to stop it from the operation que it just hangs and wont do anything until zimbra is restarted.

    also in folders that are large why is it taking so long to figure out that there are no blobs that need move and move on? after running for 24 hours here is where i ended up:

    Checked Mailboxes: 36/189
    Affected Mailboxes: 36/189
    Last Account: Craig.S
    Policies: [message:before:-13months]
    Moved Blobs: 2
    Copied Blobs: 2
    Linked Blobs: 0
    Skipped Blobs: 0
    Total Data Read: 45.32 KB [46406 bytes]
    Total Data Written: 11.04 KB [11309 bytes]
    Total Data Saved: 34.27 KB [35097 bytes]

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