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    Amazon S3

    Hi folks, I’m try to add a S3 Buckets on my Zimbra with Zextras Powerstore but it’s not working, I received a message “S3 Bucket is not valid”. I followed many how to but is not working for me. How can I troubleshoot Zextras/Zimbra to find same especific error to help me? I'm using a Zimbra Open Source 8.7.1 with Zextras 2.4.2

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    Sergio Bergamini

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    Hello Sergio!

    This might depend on a permission issue: what's the permission policy for the user your Access Key is tied to? As a guideline, you should have the following:

    Effect -> "Allow"
    Action -> [s3:*]
    Resource -> ["arn:YOURARN" and "arn:YOURARN/*"]

    Have a nice day,
    the Zextras Team


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