Error: Critical notification from ZxPowerstore: operation interrupted abnormally.
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Thread: Error: Critical notification from ZxPowerstore: operation interrupted abnormally.

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    [RESOLVED] Error: Critical notification from ZxPowerstore: operation interrupted abn.

    Hi everybody,

    First of all, excuse me for my bad english, i'll try to do my best.

    Last week i have my disk storage of zimbra that became full because of amavis spaming log file. So the server crash completely, i desactivate amavis and purge the log file and the server restart well. But now i have a job in the queue :

    zimbra@webmail:/home/administrateur$ zxsuite core getUnfinishedOperationLog


    module ZxPowerstore
    name FixVolume
    operationId 7b6a0d7b-cf6a-4874-9158-ded4c36273bd
    origin ZxPowerstore Module
    startTime 1477178158539
    requestedBy zimbra
    humanStartTime 23/10/2016 01:15:58
    type Started
    And i can't stop this job, i'll try :

    zimbra@webmail:/home/administrateur$ zxsuite powerstore doStopOperation 7b6a0d7b-cf6a-4874-9158-ded4c36273bd

    Operation not found
    But has you can see my server answer that the job is not found.

    Can you help me ?
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    Hello cdemanet,
    welcome to the forums!

    The "Unfinished Operations Log" is a list of operations that have been interrupted by a mailboxd crash, such as the one that happened when your storage filled up, and it's used by the notification system to notify this kind of errors. Thus it's normal that the "doStopOperation" can't find it as it was interrupted.

    In this specific case, the "FixVolume" is a legacy operation that is executed when Zextras Suite has been started to check and fix the consequences of an old bug so the message can be safely ignored (the operation itself will be removed from the software on the next major release).

    Have a nice day,
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    Hello Cine,

    Thank you for your answer ! So i'll ignore this message and i wait for the next update of ZExtra.

    Have a nice too !


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