Problems with contact syncing
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Thread: Problems with contact syncing

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    Problems with contact syncing

    I am having a problem getting contacts to sync at this time. This is a new install of the Zextras Mobile.
    The problem is that the contacts do sync out from Zimbra Open Source 8.0.5 to a Blackberry Bold v6 with Astrasync. All the contacts on Zimbra will appear on the BB. However, any existing, new, or modified contacts never sync back to Zimbra. It's acting like it is only a one way sync.

    I'm looking for a few pointers as to where to look to diagnose the problem and determine if it's something in Zimbra, Zextras, Astrasync so I can focus on where the problem is, or isn't.

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    Hi Gellend and welcome to the Forum!
    Astrasync isn't an official BB product and, since the new BB has build-in the Activesync protocol, is no longer supported, so i strongly suggest you to evaluate a new BB10 or any other Activesync compliant device.

    To help you with his issue we need more data so please follow this link: How to report a ZeXtras Suite issue - ZeXtras Suite Wiki
    to give us the chance to help you with that.
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