Calendar sync and busy participants.
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Thread: Calendar sync and busy participants.

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    Calendar sync and busy participants.


    I'm trying zextra mobile with Outlook 2013 and zimbra server OSE 8.0.5. I'm trying ActiveSync via Outlook 2013 this work. I want to know if via ActiveSync we can see busy participants when i scheduled meeting. Like we can see when i scheduled with web interface of Zimbra.

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    Hello Virgule59,
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    Free/Busy informations are not delivered via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, but through either REST or Dav.
    I'm aware that both Outlook 2013 and Zimbra are free/busy-capable, but I never tried this myself... IIRC on the Outlook side, the f/b settings can be found in the account options within the Calendar tab, while Zimbra provides a dedicated URL (a quick search brought me to OutlookFreeBusy - Zimbra :: Wiki).

    Unfortunately I can't be of much more help, if anyone has any experience with free/busy on Outlook2013 feel free to share!

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    Thank you for quick reply, I try the html link but it'snt worked with Open Source Edition and Outlook 2013. I have tried NE edition and Outlook connector configure the link for me i just modify the server IP or name. When Outlook try to sync i have an error.



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