iOS7 - outgoing mail stuck in Outbox
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Thread: iOS7 - outgoing mail stuck in Outbox

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    iOS7 - outgoing mail stuck in Outbox


    The mobile sync has started to give issues with ios7. Any outgoing mail is getting stuck in outbox and not going out. Is there an update for this ?


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    Hello Anandi!

    This is not a know ZeXtras Mobile issue, could you please provide the informations and logs described in the "The Golden Rule", "General" and "ZxMobile" sections of the "IMPORTANT - How to report a ZeXtras Suite issue" announcement thread? You can send any logs to

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

    p.s.: I moved your thread to the proper subforum and renamed it in order to make it more recognizable by other users who might be experiencing similar issues.


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