From address not using Display Name
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Thread: From address not using Display Name

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    From address not using Display Name

    Sending an email with an account configured for MSExchange/Zxmobile,
    the from address is not using displayname but rather the field defined as
    'username' in the IOS wizard (also the zimbra login ID). Any workarounds?

    using Zextras 1.8.8 on Zimbra 7.1.2 with IOS5.1.1,

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    Hello tgx.

    We've analyzed the issue and tracked to a particular case where the Zimbra user preference for the contents of the From header is empty.
    Until now the mobile component looked for the contents of that field, and if empty fell back to the username.

    In the next release, thanks to your report , we'll check for the contents of the displayname field before defaulting to the username.

    So thanks, and stay tuned for the next release.

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