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Thread: ZeXtras mobile --> GUI layout: Suggestions

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    ZeXtras mobile --> GUI layout: Suggestions

    Hi ZeXtras team,

    I am using ZeXtras mobile in a testing environment. I have some mobile devices connected to my server but when looking at the mobile GUI it confuses me a little bit.

    - Something I find a little bit inconsitent is that in the "Active Sessions List" there is a column "Device" which contains the parts of the column "Device" and "User Agent" in the registered devices.

    - Further I would be interested in to have one or two columns where I can add myself some data so if someone calls me and tells me that he lost his device that I know which device I have to wipe from the GUI.

    - And another thing which would be great is that if I click on a device in the "Registered devices" that the corresponding device on the "Active Session List" will be highlighted and vice versa. So it would be easier to find the corresponding devices and accounts without typing the DeviceID

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    Hello Nachtfalke!

    Thank you for your suggestions, I already informed whom it concernes and they already started considering #3 (#1 and #2 might be a bit harder to implement but will surely be discussed).

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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