cosmetic bug: ZxMobile - Resizing of column(s) not working (IE10 + FF21)
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Thread: cosmetic bug: ZxMobile - Resizing of column(s) not working (IE10 + FF21)

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    cosmetic bug: ZxMobile - Resizing of column(s) not working (IE10 + FF21)


    I am using zimbra 8.0.3 + zextras suite trial 1.8.5. When I go to the admin GUI interface and then to ZxMobile I can see the registered devices.
    The columns sometimes do have a too small size and it is not possible to see the complete value.

    As I found out it is only possible to resize the "Account" column but unfortunately it isn't possible to resize this column. The cursor allows it to do so but it does not work.

    This is more a cosmetic thing but I just want to mention it here.


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    Hello Alex!

    Thank you for your report, we are aware of some minor issues in the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet. Unfortunately, in order to maintain the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet's compatibility with different Zimbra versions and different browsers, some of this minor issues are difficult to fix without heavily affecting this or that Zimbra/Browser version...
    Don't worry, tho, the Dev Team is eagerly working on reviewing all this UI issues to solve them the best way possible!

    Have a nice day,
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