email mark as flagged?
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Thread: email mark as flagged?

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    email mark as flagged?

    I just switched over to zimbra and found your wonderful tools to do eas for my iphone. I am using the trial version and I was wondering if there is a way to enable message flags, there is only 'mark as unread' available.


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    Hello bobaghnouj,
    welcome to the forums!

    Flagging emails is a IMAP feature that is not supported by the Exchange ActiveSync protocol used by ZeXtras Mobile...

    For the record, I checked a couple of devices:
    iOS: No flags whatsoever.
    Android (Samsung GSII running Android 4.0.4): I can "locally" mark emails as flagged and ticked, but this flags won't be synchronized to the server.
    WP8: No flags whatsoever.

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    I'm sorry to capture/bump the thread, however I came accross this same question.

    As device I'm using an iPhone (ios 6.1.3). Do not know about how other devices are handling this.
    When using MS Exchange (2007 or higher) you can mark your emails with an flag. That option appears next to the "mark as unread" option. Previously I have been using z-push with Zimbra, which support this option as well (but has other issues, which is why I switched to zxMobile). As this "flag" feature is quite a nice, I was a little dissapointed zxMobile does not support this feature.
    So my guess is it is somehow possible with the activesync protocol.

    Is it perhaps possible to take another look at this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I've just did some reading about active sync and flagging. Flagging is an feature of EAS 12.0. Currently EAS 2.5 is displayed as the used EAS version from within the zxmobile administration zimlet. Therefore flagging could not be supported I guess.
    We probably have to wait until an newer version is implemented/finished in zxmobile. The changelog of version 1.8.6 mention that EAS version 14 is on it's way being implemented.
    My guess is when this implementation is finished, and devices are configured to use this version, flagging will be one of the options available (amongst others probably).

    Is this correct?



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