ZxMobile donīt sync refused appointment
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Thread: ZxMobile donīt sync refused appointment

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    Exclamation ZxMobile donīt sync refused appointment


    Iīm use ZeXtras Suite in Trial Version to test all features.
    The most important feature to my environment is the ZxMobile...
    When a I did some tests of invite each other to appointments, I verify that when this invite is send to some user and his refuse it, the appointment stay with the original status to user that create it (measures need to be taken).

    user1@domain.com create a meeting and define that user2@domain.com is a guest or necessary to it.
    user2@domain.com receive a invite in mobile (test in iPhone5 and Android) and refuse it. In mobile schedule and zimbra mailbox the appointment is refused.
    But for user1@domain.com the invite is pending with original status and without answer.

    If the the user2@domain.com crate and invite from mobile every work fine!

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    Hello Fredml!

    Sorry for the late response but we wanted to run a full batch of tests on the issue...

    While I confirm that ZeXtras Mobile does not handle the case the best way possible when responding to a meeting invitation from the mail client and that there's a fix being tested to improve the situation (which will be released with ZeXtras Suite 1.8.2) we also found out that some Android clients do not send a response when responding to a meeting requests from the Calendar app.

    Stay tuned!
    the ZeXtras Team
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