Multiple Calendars & Addressbooks?
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Thread: Multiple Calendars & Addressbooks?

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    Multiple Calendars & Addressbooks?

    Typical usage for our users -- for a given, single account -- is to define, use & sync multiple Calendars & Addressbooks.

    We currently do this using CardDAV and CalDAV clients; easy to set up, works perfectly, but obviously not integrated into a push/ActiveSync solution.

    IIUC -- and I may not -- ZxMobile does not support multiple instances of either Calendars or Addressbooks.

    In forums, here, I've read comments that it's a 'limitation' of Android. Since we're _doing_ it successfully with Card-/Cal-DAV, I'm unclear as to what the actual limitation _is_.

    So, step 1: Can you clarify if/when/how ZxMobile can be configured to support per-account multiple Calendars/Addressbooks?


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    Hello rbsf!

    I confirm that the missing "additional" calendars are not because of a ZeXtras Suite limitation itself but because of how the EAS protocol is implemented on the vast majority of clients. The most common implementation only synchronizes the standard "/Calendar" and "/Contacts" folder without giving the user any control over this, while different implementations (such as the one used by Touchdown for Smartphones) allow the user to choose which calendar and address book folders to sync.
    The issue is not about ZeXtras Suite not providing the information, but about the client not requesting it.

    Currently, the only sync limitation in ZeXtras Suite is that only "personal" items can be synchronized, while shares will be implemented after the ZxAdmin module is released and after support for version 12 and 14 of the EAS protocol is added to ZxMobile.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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