Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3 (Telus) can't get initial connection to server
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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3 (Telus) can't get initial connection to server

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    Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3 (Telus) can't get initial connection to server


    We're evaluating ZxMobile to get syncing to Android devices. It looks like the perfect solution for full mobile device support, even though not all of the capabilities we'd like are quite there in the current version.

    We've tried three handsets. Two were Samsung Galaxy S2, and both configured and connected to the Zimbra server without any problem.

    The third was a Galaxy Ace, running Android 2.3 (Telus/Koodo is the carrier, but looks to be standard S5830 as far as I can tell). It can get internet connectivity with WIFI from the phone, and get access to Zimbra using the browser with mobile GUI, but it will not connect to the Zimbra server. The UI messages when configuring are not quite the same between the Android 2.3 and 4 ICS, but the Ace messages look a bit like S2 messages when network connectivity on the S2 was turned off (e.g. server not available). Zimbra is version 6.0.16, Zextras is 1.6.2.

    I see that some Ace users have rooted the device and are running ICS (not specifically for Zxmobile), and perhaps that might make it work, but we'd really like to support some common handsets without needing to do anything to the phone. When there are at least three moving pieces, the handset, Zxmobile, and Zimbra, I'm not sure where to start. Presumably Zimbra is not going to go out of their way to resolve problems with the community edition using a competing (but much more reasonably priced) connector product...

    As Android versions from 2.2 on are officially supported by Zxmobile, is there a way to get a stock Ace 2.3 to work? Is there a general 'cannot connect' debug process we could follow? (Didn't see anything poking around on the web, sorry if I've missed it and you can point me to it.) We could just test phones, and say whatever happened to work were the ones that were supported, but that looks pretty flaky.

    Many thanks for any suggestions - including any experiences with 2.3 devices connecting (or not connecting).

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    Hello Cavelle,
    welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately, Samsung's stock email client has proven itself "less than reliable" on several occasions. The first test I suggest is to configure your account on a third-party Exchange Active Sync client (such as Touchdown for Smartphones, which comes with a 30-days free trial).

    Let us know how this first test goes as if the device correctly synchronizes through the third-party client then the cause of the issue is the stock client itself, while if it doesn't I'll guide you step by step with the connection troubleshooting...

    Also, please let us know your current Zimbra and ZeXtras Suite versions

    Have a nice day,


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