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    HTML mail


    I have been testing ZeXtras Mobile with
    1. iPhone 3GS (iOS 5)
    2. Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 (ICS)
    3. HTC One X (ICS)
    4. HTC Desire S (Gingerbread)

    They appears to behave differently when it comes to HTML mails.
    On iPhone, everything works perfectly.
    On Samsung, HTML mails appear as text, but a button is provided to 'download more details' then mails can be displayed in HTML.
    On HTC, HTML mails can only be displayed as text.
    (All clients have no problem with HTML via IMAP.)

    Is there a way to configure Zimbra and/or ZeXtras so that all clients works?

    Best regards,

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    Hello Kitinon.

    The different display modes of HTML emails are more of a device-side issue.

    If the same email is synchronized with different types of device the server will always send the same data regardless of the "receiving" client, which will then parse and display the email in its own way.

    Both HTC with its Sense UI and Samsung with its TouchViz UI use their own custom version of the standard Email app, and this explains why synchronizing the same email on multiple devices can produce different display results.

    Personally, I use a Samsung Galaxy S2 as my work phone and I can confirm I experience the same behaviour, while my personal phone is a HTC Desire Z (stock ROM, still and forever on Gingerbread) and does not have any issues displaying HTML emails...
    I'll try to run some tests and see if I can find the cause of your HTML issue on HTC devices.

    Have a nice day,

    UPDATE: I just found out that the Samsung client actually requests a 'lite' (text) version of the email from the server instead of just downloading the full MIME message in order to avoid downloading too much data. Clicking on "Download More" triggers the download of the full MIME message
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