zxmobile and blackberry
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Thread: zxmobile and blackberry

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    zxmobile and blackberry

    Zxmobile works perfectly with ios and android
    but one of our employees has a blackberry and no BES or Astrasync on his phone.
    Could you help to get him started ?

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    Hello Perry,

    an ActiveSync client is needed to synchronize a BlackBerry device through ZeXtras Mobile...
    The Astra Sync client which you mentioned is an option - I ran some tests with it and I found it satisfactory.
    Notify Sync is another option that I am aware of, but I honestly haven't had a chance to test it.

    On the other hand, BES has nothing to do with ZeXtras Mobile synchronization as it uses a different protocol and backend to synchronize your devices.

    Have a nice day,
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