Shared Contacts not Syncing with iPhone
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Thread: Shared Contacts not Syncing with iPhone

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    Question Shared Contacts not Syncing with iPhone

    I am using Zimbra 7.2.0_GA_2669 with Zextras Mobile and I can not get shared contacts to show up on their iphone 4S iOS 5.1.1. Any solutions?

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    Hi mrtaxi,

    Shared contacts, and others shared folders, are not available yet on any platform... but support of shared items is under internal testing for some performance optimizations, expecially for multiserver infrastucture.
    So, keep in touch for some important news in the next month!

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    This is very interesting! Did anything happen with this? Is it now a part of the new version of the product?

    Cheers :-)

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    Hello Skaag!

    Remote folders and Provisioning commands are not yet in the production tree of ZeXtras Suite, an announcement will be made on the forums/ZeXtras Facebook Page/ ZeXtras Twitter Account when an ETA for the release is available!

    Have a nice day,


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