Hi Zextras Forum.
I have a little issue that I really can't figure out?
I have a shared mailbox on Zimbra Server 8.8.15 with latest Zextras mobile - called Support@domain.com. <-- There is only this one email.
The inbox and subolders is shared for users - another folder Outside the Inbox called administration is shared.
So the user have 2 shared folders from the same mailbox.

All users uses Office365 as email-program:
All incomming mail are recieved in the inbox. When something only for the administration are recieved, its recived in inbox - and should be moved from inbox the the other shared folder in the same mailbox(manually).
This move works - but after 10 sekunds a copy appears - and then there is 2 of each moved mail.

Is there any way to get around this copy of each moved mail in the endpoint folder? the moved email are removed from inbox - but still create 2 similar emails in the Administration folder ?

Hoping there a solution som how for this ? I've tried to show it here:


THanks in Advance