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Thread: Latest Samsung email client not sending

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    Question Latest Samsung email client not sending

    Currently running the Zextras Trial (2.1.4) on the latest community Zimbra (8.8.11)
    Was all working perfectly until I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to an S10+

    I configured the email client to connect to Zextras Mobile which connects fine and syncs emails, however I have just realised that emails will not send from the client and just sit in the outbox.
    I have tried raising the EAS level from 2.5 to 14.1 and also reprovisioned the email account but no luck.
    I will check logs and raise a bug request when I get chance but thought I would ask on here to see if anyone had experienced this.


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    Also having this problem with Zimbra 8.8.11 Network Edition on 2 different servers with mobile module both on or off, nothing seems to fix with multiple users & Samsung default email client. Here is the log error: com&DeviceId=SEC2xxxxxFD7F4C9&DeviceType=SamsungDe vice] [name=user@domain.commid=1068;ip=;DeviceI D=SEC2xxxxxD7F4C9;Cmd=ResolveRecipients;Version=12 .1;] sync - skipping unexpected element Picture

    Account works with other mail clients (Outlook app, etc.)


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