Shared calendars on mobile not appear
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Thread: Shared calendars on mobile not appear

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    Shared calendars on mobile not appear


    I try to enable shared calendars sync on a mobile.
    I follow this :

    - I use zextra 2.6.7 on zimbra 8.8.9.
    - I deployed Zextras Client Zimlet
    - I enabled the Zextras client zimlet for the account via the COS.
    - I created a shared calendar with the right "Manager"
    - On the shared calendar I check "Enable synchronization for this folder"

    However, it doesn't appear on the mobile (Huawei p10 lite with default agenda app).

    What did I miss ?

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    Any idea ?

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    Hi David!

    On some app, while the mail folders are subscribed by default, you have to manually subscribe to other calendars.

    I suggest to install the latest Zextras Suite - there are several improvements even for the ZxMobile - and enable an account logger -
    After, try to refresh the calendars list and verify if the server is providing the shared calendar

    If the issue persists, feel free to open a ticket on the Support Portal, uploading the account logger.

    Have a nice day,
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    Hi Iarcara,

    Thanks for the answer.

    So I upgrade my zimbra to 8.8.10 with zextra 2.10.1.
    I was still not able to sync a shared calendar.

    So I decided to submit a ticket.

    So If anyone else have the issue, it's seems to be the default android app which cause the problem.
    I test with "Nine" and "VmBoxer" (tested from the support), it works as expected.
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