Can't change calendar reminder from Outlook 2016 using ZxMobile
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Thread: Can't change calendar reminder from Outlook 2016 using ZxMobile

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    Can't change calendar reminder from Outlook 2016 using ZxMobile

    Hi there,

    I can not disable reminders trought Outlook 2016 and ZxMobile.

    I have the same issue as fcmicro (, and I tried to solve that disabling appointment notifications.

    If i create a new appointment on Zimbra Webmail without reminder, Outlook displays appointment's reminder correctly.
    If I change the appointment's reminder from Outlook to any timeframe, change is reflected on Zimbra and everything it's ok.

    But if I try to set the reminder to "None" (Nessuno in italian) with Outlook, it stays on "None" only in Outlook but not on Zimbra. Zimbra retains last reminder timeframe.
    If I create a new Outlook appointment with reminder set on "None", appointment is created with 15 Mins reminder time on Zimbra.

    Reminders variations on Android works fine.

    Can you please advise on what I need to do in order to resolve this problem?

    Thank you


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    Hi carrista00,
    and welcome to our forum.

    We will continue to work on the ticket you already opened on our support portal, and we will post here the conclusion when it is sorted out

    Have a nice day,
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