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    I have a strange issue with several phones. Most of their appointments created on their phones are not synced with Zimbra.

    After setting up a logger, I can see an exception :

    2017-08-16 22:25:35,682 [tid=168086;account=user@domain.tld;id=4E696E654246 37393045413534383534;model=Android;proxy=a.b.c.d;o ip=;eas=14.1;rid=58555] err Exception: Failed

    The XML sent by the phone is syntaxically correct and ZeXtras doesn't says why the parsing failed...

    The full log with XML trace and exception stacktrace is attached.

    I don't want to try to delete and recreate accounts on phones because I worry customer will loose all they unsynced appointments.

    I'd like first to know if this is a Zextras bug or a mobile client (Nine for Android) bug.

    server info :

    version 2.4.2
    commit ae9376b25732296284dee82550a71d948520ee08
    systemType ZeXtras
    product ZeXtras Suite
    network false
    vendor zextras
    zal_version 1.11.2
    zal_commit ae9376b25732296284dee82550a71d948520ee08

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    Hello Nicolas!

    It seems your Zextras version is quite old...

    Could I suggest you upgrade to latest version and, if the issue still persists, open a ticket on our Support Portal?

    Have a nice day.
    Luca, the Zextras team
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    Hi Luca,

    Indeed, the version is old, I planned an upgrade tonight.

    I was just wondering why an exception says "parsing error" without a line number or a character number.... It should never be



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