Is Zimbra proxy server supported?
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Thread: Is Zimbra proxy server supported?

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    Is Zimbra proxy server supported?

    Hello, we are planning to upgrade our current Zimbra 7.2 (+ ZeXtras Backup / Mobile) to Zimbra 8.6 . Our idea is to add a Zimbra proxy server, so we will have one store/MTA server + separate proxy server.
    Will there be any possible issues with ZxMobile? Mobile devices can be configured to point to proxy server without problems?

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    Hello cinmar!

    Yes, ZeXtras Mobile is fully compatible with one (or more) dedicated Zimbra Proxy!

    ZeXtras Mobile uses a handler within the mailboxd service - through Jetty - to accept incoming connections, and thus the ports used as the same as http/s webmail. The ports used by default (80 and 443) are the same default ports used by all Exchange ActiveSync clients, and thus no additional configuration is usually required.

    Indeed, in a multi-store environment, you have to configure mobile clients to connect to the proxy server, because ZeXtras Mobile won't proxy requests between multiple servers

    For any further information, you could refer to this wiki article:

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    Good Thanks!


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