Folder marked as "unkn" is not synchronizing
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Thread: Folder marked as "unkn" is not synchronizing

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    Folder marked as "unkn" is not synchronizing

    Dear Cine,

    here we are again, i still have few minor problems with my nokia. We've changed the server and most of the mails that i have, are imported from the old one. So, may this be a problem for the ZxMobile? Some folders aren't showed after a complete sync.
    Reading the post Bug 32 – Missing mail folders and bad hierarchy

    i did zmmailbox -z -m user@domain gf "/Inbox/Extra" | less
    "name": "Extra",
    "parentId": "2",
    "path": "/Inbox/Extra"

    and then zmmailbox -z -m username@domain.tld gaf

    7271 unkn 0 0 /Inbox/Extra


    Thanks for the support
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    Hello Extra,

    the 'unkn' foldertype is the problem, to solve the issue follow this steps:

    - Rename the "Extra" folder to "Extra_OLD".
    - Create a new folder named "Extra" in your inbox.
    - Verify that the foldertype of "/Inbox/Extra" is "mail".
    - Move all items from "Extra_OLD" to "Extra".

    Have a nice day,

    p.s.: Post moved to a dedicated Thread
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