Outlook Shared Calendar issue
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Thread: Outlook Shared Calendar issue

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    Outlook Shared Calendar issue

    Hi there,

    I have an issue with calendar notification when I use Outlook 2016 with zextras mobile:

    Some users in my company need to see other users' calendars, so I shared all the needed calendars in full access on the zimbra account of each user.

    Then, I made the outlook 2016 Activesync EAS configuration and everything went fine. Now I can see all the calendars and the appointments, no problem with that.

    The problem is that each user receives the appointment notifications of all the shared calendars, as if outlook wasn't able to make the difference between their own calendar and the shared ones.
    It's a big problem cause notifications become unreadable and some important appointments are missed.

    Do you have a solution to my problem? Did I miss anything?



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    Hello Michael!

    What you describe is the default behaviour of Zextras Mobile and at the moment there's no way to change it - I agree that this can be troublesome when dealing with multiple calendars so I've opened an RFE on our Bugzilla about this: feel free to vote and comment on it!

    Have a nice day,
    the Zextras Team


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