Outlook 2016 slow sync
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Thread: Outlook 2016 slow sync

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    Outlook 2016 slow sync


    I'm using latest ZeXtras with Outlook 2016 and Zimbra 8.7.

    ActiveSync runs correctly, but synchronization is very slow.

    My account has 6 Gb of datas and many folders.

    With Zimbra Outlook Connector (Network edition), synchronization takes about 4 - 6 hours.

    With ZeXtras and ActiveSync, not all the emails are synced after 2 days. Outlook is configured to send/receive each 10 minutes.

    How can I speed up this ?



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    Same issue form using Zextras and ActiveSync. my account has 2.2 Gb of datas and many folders.
    The sync is running since 12 hours and still not finish.

    Is it a normal behavior ?

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    Unfortunately Microsoft Outlook is known to suffer from very slow first syncs, due to the way it implements the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, especially when a lot of folders are involved.

    If you feel like the synchronization might be stuck, check the sync.log or add a "debug" level Account Logger to the mailbox to check the synchronization's status.

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