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    Read receipt - Outlook

    When an user receive a mail with a read receipt, Outlook doesn't show it, while webmail ask correctly " do you want to send read confirmation ?" popup. Is it a known behaviour that I didn't find about?
    Tested from Zimbra 8.6.0. patch 6, zextras 2.2.3, outlook 2013 or 2016, up to date.

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    Hello vbu,
    welcome to the forums!

    I've been able to reproduce the issue you report - after making sure that the read receipt header ("Disposition-Notification-To:") is correct and not changed in any way by ZxMobile I've had a look around on the internet and it seems that there are several users experiencing the issue over different protocols... I've had a look at the links posted by the Outlook MVP on that thread and none helped but I still suggest you to give it a try, maybe it could help in your case.

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    Sorry for digging up a old thread but this is also happening only with outlook for our clients as well. It seems like a zimbra bug


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