Shared Calendars iOS 9.2.1 Zextras 2.2.2
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Thread: Shared Calendars iOS 9.2.1 Zextras 2.2.2

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    Shared Calendars iOS 9.2.1 Zextras 2.2.2

    We are having trouble viewing shared calendars on iOS devices.
    Forum research indicates this should be possible on Zextras 2.0+.
    Luck (maybe skill) has not been on our side.

    The calendar is shared to the user with Admin privileges.
    EAS syncs this account to an ipad.
    Only the primary calendar is available in the ios Calendar app.

    This occurs both ways whether it is a secondary calendar, or a sub-calendar of the primary.

    Did we miss a step?


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    Hello Pilcheck!

    In order to be able to synchronize shared items with mobile phones you need to deploy the ZeXtras Client Zimlet on your server and enable it for your users: after doing so, your users will be able to choose which shared folders they wish to sync straight from the Zimbra WebClient.

    It's also worth to mention that not all Android clients can synchronize multiple calendars, if you successfully set up the synchronization but additional calendars don't show up please consider using a third-party client such as Mailwise....

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    To follow up, this was the step we missed. The users are happy again.

    Thanks for the hint!


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