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Thread: Zimbra EWS and Zextras mobile

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    Zimbra EWS and Zextras mobile


    I have Zimbra NE running 8.6.0 and latest version of zextras mobile. Is it possible to to use Zimbra EWS and Zextras mobile simultaneously? Some mobile devices are connected via zextras activesync and I want to connect some other mobiles via Zimbra EWS, can it be done? Any conflicts? I understand both Zextras mobile and Zimbra EWS point to same port 443. Do I need any further configuration?

    Please advise

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    Hello mat911!

    The EWS protocol, albeit using the same port as the webmail and EAS, has its own connection handler (https://server.domain.com/service/extension/zimbraews) - so it's perfectly compatible with ZeXtras Mobile without any specific configuration needed

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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