Outlook EAS sync problem
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Thread: Outlook EAS sync problem

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    Outlook EAS sync problem

    I have a little problem with one zimbra user.
    Zimbra version:
    365, 2013

    If i add new user in outlook, start sync but after 250-300 mail, start calendar sync and Outlook crash with "pstprx.dll" error, then at every startup still crashing.
    I readded user, reinstalled outlook, reinstalled windows, try on another pc, so i think something wrong in user profile on server.
    Someone meet this error before me?

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    Hello Juhos!

    I've never seen this happen myself: could you please add a "debug" level Account Logger on the affected mailbox, enable Outlook's Advanced Logging, synchronize the account from scratch and send me the logfiles after the client crashes? This way, if the crash is caused by anything serverside our Dev Team will be able to investigate the cause and provide a feedback.

    Please send the logfile to community@zextras.com, mentioning the URL of this thread in the subject.

    Have a nice day,
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