Autodiscover XML Format broken?
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Thread: Autodiscover XML Format broken?

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    Autodiscover XML Format broken?


    We ( just recently updated Zimbra with Zetras and started using the ActiveSync feature which works fine on Android. But then I try to connect my Gnome online accounts to Zimbra it fails because of an autodiscovery bug/glitch. The error I get in Gnome is "Failed to find 'Account' element", and the console output luckily gives a hint:

    (gnome-control-center.real:8003): GoaBackend-DEBUG: Working around libsoup bug with redirect
    (gnome-control-center.real:8003): GoaBackend-DEBUG: The response headers
    (gnome-control-center.real:8003): GoaBackend-DEBUG: ===================
    (gnome-control-center.real:8003): GoaBackend-DEBUG: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='no' ?>
    <Autodiscover xmlns="">
      <Response xmlns="">
          <DisplayName>Jrg Herzinger</DisplayName>
    Now looking at some Micro$oft docs I found that they use <Account> rather than <User> in the response. Could you maybe bring some light into that?

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    Hi joerg and welcome to our forums!

    I can confirm Autodiscover have to use the <User> tag with ExchangeActiveSync protocol, while the <Account> tag is used for IMAP/POP protocols, but I never tried any Gnome Autodiscover implementation before (do it come from Evolution?)

    In order to give you more help I need to know some other details:
    • Zimbra Version
    • Zextras Version
    • Have you applied the zextras' customizations on jetty for Autodiscover
    • Have you tried another Autodiscover implementation? (i.e. with an IOS device?)

    I noticed also a wrong tcp port (8443), it seems you have a zimbra-proxy enviroment with a wrong zimbraPublicServicePort setting...

    Have a nice day.
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    Thanks for the fast reply. It turns out, that the GNOME Exchange sync is, although documented otherwise, not shipped with ActiveSync fr Patent reasons. As you said the <User> tag is used in ActiveSync, while Exchange needs an <Account> tag. Thanks for the help, but this definitely is not a Problem on the Zextras side.
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