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Thread: IMAP move not notices by ZxMobile

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    Question IMAP move not notices by ZxMobile


    I use my Zimbra mailbox with iOS-devices via ActiveSync/ZxMobile, by webinterface and by IMAP with Apple Mail.
    In a lot of cases it happens that I drag&drop an email via Apple Mail from the inbox to a subfolder. While the Zimbra webinterface recognizes this move and will show these mails in the correct folders, ZxMobile/iOS devices won't - The emails still appear in the inbox.

    All devices are up-to-date with the latest version.

    Anyone had the same problems? Is that a known bug?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Mike and welcome to our forums.

    The only issue about imap/activesync synchronization is the deletion by moving into trash folder, it is due to a specific imap flag not monitored by default by ZxMobile ( But if your problem persist also with subfolder of Inbox we need some more info about your enviroment like explained on our guide, expecially your Zimbra and Zextras versions.

    Have a nice holiday season.
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    Hi D0s0n,
    Thanks for your reply. I was trying to retrace the issue while logging, however was not able to bring the issue up again.
    However, I notice that Apple Mail will sync the read/unread status of a mail immediately while holding back any move. In my case until I closed the App. Most probably my issue is connected to sending the Mac to Stand-By and leaving Apple Mail open. Will continue to observe this.


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