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Thread: Server side search issues

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    Server side search issues

    My setup as follows:

    Zimbra NE 8.5.0 Patch 2 level
    Zextras mobile licenced 2.0.2
    Client: Blackberry Z30 OS 10.3.2
    Activesync 14.1

    Server side search causes high data+CPU usage on BB. Search delays a lot and returns zero (0) results (nothing found).

    In comparison iPhone returns quickly all expected results without excessive data usage.

    Please advise how to resolve this issue because server side search on BB os a vital tool in our organisation, and should work reliably as it does on iPhones


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    Hi mat911 and welcome to our forums.

    As reported on our Guide, in order to help you, we need the debug logs of your devices, so try to follow the section 3.7 and send the logs to community(@) However our tests on BB OS 10 seem good.

    Have a nice day.
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