Blackberry Q5, PIM service high load
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Thread: Blackberry Q5, PIM service high load

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    Blackberry Q5, PIM service high load

    Hello all
    A customer has told us about a possible issue with blackberry. Q5 models goes to a high activity process in PIM service when sync our server
    Is anyone with the same problem? Can be caused for Zextras?
    Zimbra + Zextras are in a dual cpu (4+4 cores) HP DL 180 with 12 Gb Ram and there's not issues in hard (disks works fine) 1+0 w/spare raid for data and 1 w/spare for SO (centos last version updated) backed in a NAS with about 400 user.
    Thanks a lot and best regards from Spain

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    Hello Solunet!

    We are currently investigating a similar issue, which is being discussed on THIS THREAD - so I strongly suggest to have a look at it...

    Furthermore, please also have a look at the "How to report a ZeXtras Suite issue" guide for future reference

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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