In the web client, Zimbra (AJAX) provides a mouse-over function and hyperlink to the calendar for words like "today", "tomorrow", or even dates like "March 11th, 2013". For today and tomorrow the mouse over shows the date that it is or would be and double clicking on it takes you to your calendar for the respective date.

In the ZxChat chat window these words also appear as hyperlinks (blue color, etc.) but they do not function the same way. Once the conversation appears in the Chat history folder they work just as any other message does.

Is there a setting I've missed to enable this or is it by design?

P.S. I recently upgraded to current after missing a bunch of notifications. I missed the notifications because I had installed the 1.6.5 patched version which solved a notification issue so I hadn't kept up. Nice work on the look and feel of the new version.