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Thread: Sending Files & Screen Shots

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    Sending Files & Screen Shots

    We pass documents and screen shots around our organization through our messenger (using Openfire sever with Spark client) is that functionality that might be coming in the Zimbra client as well?

    I know we could just email them, but it is more efficient when you are collaborating back and forth with some one just to drop the file or hit the screen shot button and have it sent.

    Thank you!

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    Hello 50asm.

    At the moment we are focusing on reaching a stable level when it come to basic functionality. We plan to reach the stage where we can add XMPP support in the near future, and that should allow us to add features such as file transfer.
    It is not, however, a short-term goal.

    Thanks for the suggestion anyway, and stay tuned.

    BTW, thanks for the stellar review on the Zimbra Gallery

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    has file transfer and/or screen sharing been implemented in the meantime?

    I've tried with Jitsi and Pidgin but without success (Pidgin transfer just hangs, Jitsi says in the chat window "Waiting for xyz to accept your file." and below that the error message "The above message could not be delivered" - "Failed to deliver message.").

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    Hello Zuser!

    XMPP support has been indeed added, but only for the Instant Messaging part: neither file transfers or screen sharing are supported...

    Have a nice day,
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    OK, thanks!


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