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Thread: Zxchat with ZimbraMailAlias

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    Zxchat with ZimbraMailAlias

    how to include a list of User zxchat, I need to put the email of the User, however I use zimbraMailAlias ​​as email from users.
    Would use this parameter out instead of zimbraMail.
    Sorry for my bad English.

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    I have the same problem. We use 2 domains in zimbra server. The primary domain only used for user access through an extrenal ldap, but users "known" through an alias from secondary domain. When are adding a contact to zxchat from the GAL, it really it's a domain alias from the secondary domain and zxchat do not send the contact request to the final user.

    If we add the "original" user as a contact, the request send correctly and zxchat works perfectly !

    Thanks for all

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    Hello guys!

    Thanks for the report, the devs will fix the issue soon!

    Just out of curiosity, may I ask why you use this kind of configuration (a real domain and a "fake" one used only for auth)? It's a kind of setup I've never seen and I'm a bit curious about it

    Have a nice day,
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    Things of "marketing" Hahaha !

    Our primary domain mainly used it internally. All machines on the internal network have the same domain, but externally we are a sub-company of a parent company, and e-mail must appear as sub-company, not the real domain. Things that happen in the spanish government ...

    Sysadmin in a messed government

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    Hi jcr0ch4,

    About your reporting:
    Quote Originally Posted by jcr0ch4 View Post
    I use zimbraMailAlias ​​as email from users.
    With the new version of ZxChat Core (v0.2) (shipped with ZeXtras 1.6.5) and zimlet (v0.96) we have added the support for the zimbraMailAlias.

    Have a nice day
    The ZeXtras Team


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