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    Team or Teamwork


    I've purchase ZexTra Pro + Team Pro licences

    I've on my Zimbra server both operationnal Team and TeamWork
    I understand that Teamwork it zimlet_zextras_chat and Team is zimlet_zextras_team_classic

    Why 2 chats ?
    Why one with abilitys and the other with other abilityes ?

    Teamwork provide :
    - users status
    - French language (important for me)
    - Video with possibility of mute the others users webcam or microphone
    - Chat folder
    - ...

    Team provide only
    - Instant Messenger with other persons (not users of my server)

    Zimbra 8.8.15
    Team 3.0.9
    ZxChat 11.09

    Please help me to understant why there is two chats
    and witch one shoul I use ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Hello Daju,

    the current product is Team, Teamwork has been deprecated some time ago. The reason why you can see both is because both zimlets are installed and enabled.
    com_zextras_team_classic is the Team zimlet, the one you actually need.
    com_zextras_chat is the old chat zimlet that should either be removed with the command

    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zextras_chat

    or disabled at cos or user level, it can be done from the web admin interface by entering the zimlet section of the cos configuration.

    We will be waiting for a feedback, but if you keep having issues we would like to remind you that you are entitled to open a ticket on our support portal too.
    Gil - Zextras Technical Support Engineering


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