Hi tell me how to be?
Video calls do not work, for this I wanted to see the logs, but there is no reaction to the command:
zxsuite chat setProperty ZxChat_LogEnabled true
Property ZxChat_LogEnabled set to true
no log file is created

zxsuite chat getProperty

ZxChat_AllowUnencryptedPassword                             false (false)
ZxChat_SilentErrorReporting                                 false (false)
ZxChat_UseLegacySSLPort                                     true (true)
ZxChat_LogEnabled                                           true (false)
ZxChat_ModuleEnabledAtStartup                               true (true)
ZxChat_MaxDLBuddies                                         450 (450)
zimbra 8.8.12_GA_3803
zxchat 11.06
zextras 2.16.1