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    Chat no pop up window

    Hi zextras team. Since our update of zextras to version 2.10.2 (and 2.12.2 also) and of course zxchat zimlet to "11.09 @76c4859" we are experiencing some problems. The most annoying is that no popup window is showing on the recipients browser. After some testing I found that if the recipient opens the popup window of the senders, he can see the messages and also start getting messages that popup from other users.

    To make it more clear, lets suppose that we have 3 users :

    User1 has user2 as a buddy
    User1 has user3 as a buddy

    User2 sends a message to User1 (no popup window in User1 client)
    User3 sends a message to User1 (again no popup window in User1 client)
    User1 opens the message window with User2 ( popup opened in User1 client, messages are shown)
    User3 sends a message to User1 (This time a popup window is opened in User1 client)

    Is there something we can do to resolve this problem ?

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    Same issues. On Zimbra 8.8.12_GA_3794 (build 20190329045002)

    All sorts of bizzare chat issues. Sometimes texts will come in out of order, sometimes delayed, sometimes no pop up. All from within the same office with the server located here.


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