I'm running two Zimbra + ZeXtras instances for two institutions.

ZCS1: 8.7.3 FOSS, ZeXtras 2.6.0, ZxChat 2.0 @4897e00
ZCS2: 8.6.0 FOSS, ZeXtras 2.6.0, ZxChat 2.0 @4897e00

Old version of ZxChat worked fine on both locations. I've not met any problems during the update.

Users on both locations are reporting, that ZxChat notification "Play a sound" and "Flash title bar"
stopped working when Zimbra window is active and ZxChat communication is minimized and waiting for response.
The original (1.36?) ZxChat version was able to flash chat window title bar and played a sound to let you know you have
new response in the running chat.

Tested on Firefox@linux, Firefox@windows, Chrome@windows.
Ctrl+F5 ... no change.
Browser's cache cleanup ... no change.
New browser profile ... no change.
Disabling and re-enabling both notification options in ZxChat ... no change.

Notification works when Zimbra window is not active.

Is it possible to release fixed version asap?