ZxChat not displaying every messages
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Thread: ZxChat not displaying every messages

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    ZxChat not displaying every messages

    Hi all,

    we've got Zcs 8.6 installed on Utuntu 14, and Zextras modules 2.4.12 only for ZXChat (1.36)

    we've got a problem when some users are in invisible or occupied status, some messages won't appear, or will appear only in the tchat folder.

    I know we've got few updates to do, but i haven't seen any bugfix that concerned this.

    Is it a known bug? or can you help me tracking the error?



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    Hello Jrm and welcome to ZeXtras forums!

    When a user receive a message while his status is "busy" he/she does not see any notification (like blinking elements etc.) if the chat window is minified, but the messages are received and handled correctly.

    If this is not Your case please read how to correcly report a bug in the wiki page (link here)
    Have a nice day,
    The ZeXtras team


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