Chat window display issues with Firfox 54.0.1
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Thread: Chat window display issues with Firfox 54.0.1

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    Chat window display issues with Firfox 54.0.1


    Just deployed Zimbra with zxchat for about 100 users. The chat window that opens after clicking on a buddy name has the following display issues:
    1. The conversation pane is left aligned.
    2. After clicking on the down arrow to display emoticons, the emoticon options(buttons) are blank, but if you click on them, they will appear in the chat text.
    3. Chat text is light, like it is greyed out.
    4. Vertical scroll bar missing for lengthy conversations

    Web browser:Firefox 54.0.1 --required browser for the organization
    zxchat version 1.36
    Occurs of all users.

    Might not be related, but no button appears for video chat even though the feature is enabled. What's odd is that sometimes a small chat window appears and the video chat button displays?!

    I tried re-deploying chat but no change.


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    Hello Pau,
    and welcome to Zextras forum!

    Could you tell me something more about your environment? (which version of Zimbra are you running, how many servers, which services run on each server)

    Also, could you please try in development mode (appending ?dev=1, eg:

    Similar issues often depend on cache (both the server and the client one) or are related to a low value for the Zimbra DOS Filter, that interferes with loading the javascript libraries.

    Have a nice day.
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