Zxchat XMPP Serveur Certificate ?
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Thread: Zxchat XMPP Serveur Certificate ?

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    Zxchat XMPP Serveur Certificate ?


    I'm using XMP Client to connect via XMPP to my zimbra server. All is working well. Just one question, what certificate it use for the inital TLS connexion ? Can i change it to bypass the security warning ? For the web client i pass throug a reverse proxy that manage my wildcard public certificate. But the XMPP connection is direct and use the self certificate of zimbra


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    Hi nicko77 and welcome to our forums!

    Like all others zextras/zimbra services, the certificate used by XMPP tls connections is the one installed in zimbra. Although you have a reverse proxy (not zimbra-proxy I suspect) you can install your wildcard public certificate following a guide like THIS.

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