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Thread: Repeatable mailstore/zxChat problem

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    Hello all

    I can confirm that upgrading ZeXtras to 2.4.2 HSM problem is resolved.
    As for the topic main issue we still need to wait to be sure that the problem is gone.

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    We are having 502 errores with 2.4.3 Zextras Version.
    Its any workarround to do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cine View Post
    Hello everyone!

    I'm glad to inform you that our Dev Team found and fixed the cause of the zmhsm/zmblobchk errors, which will be included in Zextras Suite 2.4.1 (scheduled for release before the end of this week).

    About the topic issue for this thread, we found out that the high number of Zextras Chat requests are not the cause of the connection issues but just another symptom - just like the 502 errors to clients... We're further investigating hunting for the actual cause but this takes a lot of time since we need to go through and possible option and through a lot of log files.

    Have a nice day,
    the Zextras Team

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    Hello mplaksin,
    welcome to the forums!

    We didn't find a direct causal link between Zextras Chat and the 502 errors yet, our Devs are monitoring the error reports we receive but it usually comes down to tweaking the proxy's settings to better fit the usage needs...

    Have a nice day,
    the Zextras Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cine View Post
    Hello Zeol!

    You're right, "zmmailboxmove" was deprecated in favor of "zmmboxmove" quite some time ago, my bad

    I've asked the Dev Team for clarifications about this specific scenario and I'm waiting for their feedback, I'll report back to you ASAP...

    Have a nice day,
    the Zextras Team
    Hi Cine,

    I have same issue when an account moving into another mailbox. I am using Zimbra NE Multi Server and perform migrate from mailbox1 into mailbox2. The buddy of ZxChat did not migrate also into another mailbox. is there has been workaround for this case?
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    Hello imanudin11!

    We are aware that the current mailbox move command does not include any Chat information, but this issue should be fixed in one of the next Zimbra releases.

    Have a nice day,
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