ZxChat Audit Logging fails to start
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Thread: ZxChat Audit Logging fails to start

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    ZxChat Audit Logging fails to start


    I can't start zxchat audit logging. When I set ZxChat_LogEnabled property to true. The effective setting remains false as shown below. I restarted zxchat, restarted all zimbra services. But the property is still set to false. Also no zxchat.log file in /opt/zimbra/log folder.
    Is there any other command i should execute to enable audit logs?

    $ zxsuite chat getProperty

    ZxChat_AllowUnencryptedPassword false (false)
    ZxChat_SilentErrorReporting false (false)
    ZxChat_UseLegacySSLPort true (true)
    ZxChat_LogEnabled true (false)
    ZxChat_ModuleEnabledAtStartup true (true)
    ZxChat_MaxDLBuddies 450 (450)

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    Hello Starex!

    Setting the property to "true" should do the trick, and the value of the property is actually set to "true" in the output you posted (the value between parenthesis is just the default one): can you please post any error that might appear in the mailbox.log immediately afterwards? Also, what ZeXtras Suite version are you using?

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    Hi Cine,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    $ zxsuite core getVersion

    zextras_version 2.2.4
    zextras_commit 5be19157e4950130adb159df3881fba0034707b2
    zal_version 1.10.5
    zal_commit 41622f996423af7dc523cdaab77d795aff06304a

    $ zxsuite chat zimlet

    zxchatZimletCurrentVersion 1.35
    zxchatZimletAvailableVersion 1.35
    lastUpdate 05/05/2016 17:29:30

    Immediately after running "zxsuite chat setProperty ZxChat_LogEnabled true" command one line of log is writen to mailbox.log:

    2016-05-05 20:25:14,484 INFO [ZxLink Handler Thread] [] extensions - ZeXtras API Manager: Exec: ZxChat/setPublicProperties

    But interestingly now I see that zxchat.log is created, and audit log is being written to the file. I am not sure what triggered the function but anyway, thanks for the support !

    Best Regards
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