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Thread: ZxChat Database Migration

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    ZxChat Database Migration

    Hi All,

    Currently i'm working on moving user from old mailbox to new mailbox, the problem is how can i move zxchat data from old mailbox to new mailbox, but new mailbox allready have existing zxchat data. is there any solution or step to merge zxchat data beetwen old and new mailbox ?


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    Hello yayantritaryana,
    welcome to the forums!

    Could you please be more specific about what you mean by "moving user from old mailbox to new mailbox"? Are you migrating your infrastructure to a new server or is it just a single user's data being moved to a different mailbox in the same server?

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    I migrating some users to diferrent mailbox, let say i'm migrating some user on mailbox1 to mailbox2. can i merge zxchat data on mailbox1 with existing data on mailbox2 ?


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