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    Chat 1.35

    after you install version 2.2.1, we tried to install version 1.35 of the chat, but here's the message:

    Unable to deploy ZxChat Zimlet: ZeXtras Suite was unable to download and deploy the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet. Please manually download and deploy the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet as described at

    I also tried manually, but it's the same


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    Hi megafab,downl

    as I can see from your previous thread, seems that your zimbra server cannot reach our web servers for downloading files...
    Please try to download the latest zimlet with your browser from and try to deploy it with the Zimbra Admin Console or the zmzimletctl CLI command.
    If you still have some issue give us some related logs line from mailbox.log file and include any relevant informations.

    Let us know

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